What Should You Do If You Were Fired For Refusing To Work During COVID-19?

30 April 2020
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Working during a pandemic is a potentially scary and dangerous thing for many workers. For those in essential services, they deliver much-needed products and healthcare when much of the country is shut down. If you have refused to work during COVID-19 or any other pandemic or health crisis and were fired, what are your next steps? Do you have a case for a lawsuit against your company? Here is what you should do if you were fired for refusing to work during COVID-19 or any other health crisis. Read More 

When To Contact A Lawyer About COVID-19 Employment Issues

23 April 2020
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The federal government has passed multiple bills that provide legal protections for workers who are affected by the coronavirus and its resulting disease, COVID-19. These laws are sometimes complex and unclear, and workers may need professional legal guidance. If you're a worker affected by COVID-19, here's when to contact a lawyer about employment issues. You're Concerned About Personal Exposure at Work If you're concerned about potential exposure to the coronavirus while at work, you may have some protections under federal law. Read More